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The Nation's Best is an individual and small group virtual competition created for athletes to showcase their talents and compete against the most competitive athletes across the nation to truly earn the title as ‘the best of the best’.

Our goal with The Nation’s Best is to revive the concept of individual competitions to recognize [and reward] the most exceptional athletes in the industry.

The event offers 11 speciality divisions in four categories:

Individual Routine, Tumble Routine, Stunt Routine, and Group Routine. Levels 3 to Elite (6 and 7 combined).


The age group includes: Youth (age 7-11), Junior (age 10-14), Senior (age 13-19), and Open (age 18+).

This revolutionary event is an experience like no other!

It involves no team setting so all the focus is solely about the athlete(s). Whether you're an extraordinary tumbler, a beast of a base, or a show-stopping performer, we have a division for you!

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How Does The Nation's Best Work?

The registration fee is $50 per athlete, which also includes music.

Once registered, the next step is to choreograph your routine, record it, then upload. It's that easy!

Division winners will each receive a championship letterman jacket of their choice - black sleeve or white sleeve - plus a individual championship banner.


Take a chance at winning CASH! The FAN FAVORITE competition gives viewers the opportunity to vote for their favorite routine. The video with the most likes will be rewarded $250 to each registered member.


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